Case Study

The Baylands

The Baylands is a large and visionary development in the San Francisco Bay Area that will blend housing, offices, coworking spaces, retail, dining, and natural wildlands, all imbued with a powerful sense of community and engagement. The challenge for Moon Tide was to articulate brand messaging and to create imagery to tell the story of a revolutionary project that is still several years from realization.

Moon Tide first worked closely with the developers and their marketing team to research the Bay Area housing and office market. We then created a marketing strategy and a brand platform that would inform subsequent messaging. Consumer focus groups helped to refine these concepts.

The Opportunity

A visionary development in the San Francisco Bay Area

What emerged was a subtext that could underlie all messaging for The Baylands: that the strength of a community comes not from its structures, but from the individual connections made within it. Working within this theme, Moon Tide created an informative, lead-generating website and downloadable brochure that convey the dream of a truly sustainable and engaged community. Sizzle reels, already storyboarded, will propel the vision forward. Our opportunity mirrored that of the developers—to create something new, visionary, and compelling. Groundwork that can readily evolve as work progresses. The foundation for a better way of living.


Utilizing our unique brand development methodology, we began the process of fully uncovering the Baylands vision, values and commitments to the community it will serve. Through brand archetype development, competitive positioning and market research, we iteratively brought to life a brand system allowing The Baylands to progress through a decade-long development process. From brand manifesto all the way to visual marks, voice, iconography and wayfinding, the finalized Baylands brand stands alone in what can be a cookie-cutter real estate landscape.


The Baylands logo is a unique visual identifier. It represents the brand, and as such represents our values. Just as our values are unalterable, so is our logo.

Totem Mark

The Baylands “totem” mark depicts the natural elements that define a large part of The Baylands experience. For this reason, it must always appear vertically, as shown. Although it will typically appear with the logotype, there are situations in which just the mark may be preferred.


Before a shovel goes into the ground of this unique development, a website needed to be created to clearly articulate why The Baylands will represent A Better Way of Living. The site was designed to speak to multiple audiences — prospective residents, technology and life sciences companies, local legislatures and soon-to-be neighbors. Importantly, the design was conceived to grow as the development grows, over time utilizing film and animation to tell a changing story.


Moon Tide developed a strategy to provide deep, ongoing client engagement to specific target audience segments. Through extensive exploration with the client, we developed an editorial strategy, content workflow, detailed social media implementation and responsive designed website that delivers the right audience on an ongoing basis. The right mix of editorial, photography, film, and micro-content has resulted in engagement rates up to 5x higher than previously achieved.


In the San Francisco Bay Area, you’d better believe good swag matters. Moon Tide worked with our partner to develop a comprehensive merchandising program that will allow the unique Baylands mark to extend well past its geographical borders.

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