Case Study

Hydration Multiplied

The creators of Liquid I.V., a company dedicated to breakthrough hydration products and defeating dehydration worldwide, were looking for an agency partner to help them launch and grow from a locally known Los Angeles area brand to national scale. While the company had an excellent grasp of the production and retail distribution side of the business, they sought expertise with brand development and marketing.

Beginning in early 2016, our initial objective was to establish the digital and content foundation needed to support the growing number of regional retail partnerships across the county, while positioning the company for e-commerce growth in the longer term.

Fueling the Creative

Our creative strategy is based on a highly visual story-telling structure that allows visitors to connect with the Liquid I.V. brand in a meaningful way—through content that is relevant to their active lifestyles.

The first step was to create and formalize a Liquid I.V. brand and style guide. As more and more players were beginning to touch the brand, it became very important to communicate a consistent brand message, look and feel.

Inspirational brand ambassadors were engaged who represent targetable customer audiences, and the significant philanthropic mission of the company’s co-founders was brought to center stage as key source of content and differentiator from their competition. Our team of extraordinary photographers, filmmakers and writers created a series of compelling video, images and editorial pieces, thereby developing a library of root content in order to power our advertising and engage Liquid I.V. customers. We redesigned the company’s existing website to showcase the content and better reflect the evolving brand.

Liquid I.V. on the Road

We built a multi-pronged Regional Marketing Plan designed to support retail partnerships and build brand awareness in launch markets across the country. The cornerstone of the plan was social media advertising, which served as content delivery platforms in both paid and organic media channels. Campaigns were geo and interest-based targeted, and local retail partners were tagged. In addition to advertising, we conducted in-store demos at top-performing store locations and had a presence at highly attended city events such as marathons and bicycle races.

By the end of 2016, Liquid I.V. was in nearly 5,000 stores across the country with broad expansion plans including a greater focus on e-commerce channels.

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