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Seeking a game-changing position in a competitive marketplace, InBrace, an intelligent teeth-straightening technology, first came to Moon Tide for a brand refresh and a new website. Moon Tide, always data-driven, commenced an immersive dive to support InBraceā€™s establishment of a category of one. Utilizing the power of competitive analysis and invaluable focus-group insights, married to healthy doses of creative juices, Moon Tide quickly emerged with a differentiating brand identity and system that set the tone for the refresh. The collaboration organically extended into support of both B2B and B2C marketing initiatives and now ranges across business intelligence, creative, media, content production, social media and technology. Smiles all around.


Developing & Engaging

InBrace came to Moon Tide to evolve their foundational brand identity as they sought to scale the brand along the same trajectory as their hero product – one of the fastest, most effective teeth straightening solutions the world has ever seen. What started as an agile, light refinement to the foundational logo sparked mutual alignment to start anew with a comprehensive brand identity development that unveiled the new logo mark, new visual system and messaging hierarchy that continues to keep every B2B and B2C marketing touchpoint rooted deep in the brand platform.

Moon Tide developed a strategy to provide deep, ongoing client engagement to specific target audience segments. Through extensive exploration with the client, we developed an editorial strategy, content workflow, detailed social media implementation and responsive designed website that delivers the right audience on an ongoing basis. The right mix of editorial, photography, film, and micro-content has resulted in engagement rates up to 5x higher than previously achieved.


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