Moon Tide was brought in to take over an existing project that was layered with complexities; multiple stakeholders-including agents and international colleagues. There were varied levels of involvement and objectives and, to make the stakes higher, we were working within an already impacted fitness industry. The opportunity was to establish a strategically-grounded naming strategy and develop a brand and logo that brought life to a new fitness app.


We employed our discovery process which revealed the need for the brand to have gender neutral appeal and align with a wholistic, life/balance vision as well work for future applications in commercial extensions.The foundation of our strategy was “centered wellness” which brought together the three fundamentals (fitness, nutrition and mindfulness) that Chris passionately supports and wove throughout the app. We developed the brand Centr to embody Chris’ fundamentals and appeal to the person who is truly “in the making” and is mindful of the investment they make in their own “center.”

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