Tim Zigrang: Where Roping and Business Converge

Tim Zigrang is a Palos Verdes native, cowboy, and competitive roper who just so happens to build some of the South Bay’s most beautiful homes.


More than just a business profile. We want to provide an in-depth look in to the world through the lens of some of the Southbay’s most interesting and successful business owners. We dive a layer deeper to better understand the person behind the brand. How have they become who they are today? We humanize the business by allowing access into their world outside of the office. What makes them tick? What do they do off the clock? Who do they look up to? By better understanding the person, viewers then begin to better understand the story and human side of the business. And that is far more interesting!

The first time I met Tim it was in a more formalized setting, in his office, talking business and flipping through pictures of a Pat Killen home he had built a few years prior. Towards the end of our meeting he gets up from behind his desk to give me a cordial handshake goodbye when I notice a pair of cowboy boots slide out from underneath the desk. Now it must be said, the South Bay is most well known for it’s relaxed, beach going lifestyle and as far as footwear is concerned you are more likely to see a pair of sandals or running shoes. But these were cowboy boots. Sharp lookin cowboy boots and I am far too inquisitive to simply let something like that slide by without saying something. Before I know it the dialogue takes a major shift from business to roping. Yes, like rodeo roping. He then proceeds to tell me that he is a member of a private club on the backside of the hill that is solely dedicated to celebrating the cowboy lifestyle and roping. Again I’m far too inquisitive. I had to go see for myself. Down the rabbit hole we went.

This is a look into how Tim approaches life the “cowboy way” and how that spills over into how he runs his business and the homes he builds.


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