Renowned entertainer Tom Sullivan cannot see his impact, but his legacies are the stuff of legend.

Here is a glimpse into his story.

An editorial glance into the lives of some of the South Bay’s most inspirational figures. From surfboard shapers to cancer survivors, Southbay Strong’s sole purpose is to bring into focus those individuals who inspire and exude an insatiable appetite for life.

Miracles happen every day, but most of us are too self-absorbed to notice life’s highly nuanced gifts. However, when one’s birth and survival are miraculous, perhaps one is gifted with an innate sixth sense that’s highly attuned to life’s finer calibrations.

Palos Verdes resident Tom Sullivan has had an extraordinary life as an acclaimed actor, singer, entertainer, author, speaker, philanthropist, husband and father. He gave Jack Nicklaus a run for his money at Augusta National, and Tom remains an avid skier on some of Colorado’s most demanding slopes.

His autobiographical book, If You Could See What I Hear, was made into a movie in 1982, and he has more books under consideration for movie options. Tom is deeply committed to improving the lives of others and remains an engaged philanthropist globally and locally.

But the single most defining characteristic of Tom is what he does not let define him: He’s been blind since birth.

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