Saarloos + Sons Make Wine to Honor Family

Listen in as Los Olivos-based Keith Saarloos waxes poetic about family, winemaking and how he could only be doing what he loves right here in California.


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Saarloos + Sons makes wine. But that isn’t the first thing listed under the company name. In fact, it goes: “Family + Farming + Vineyards + Wine.” That’s right, a wine company that lists wine as the last thing they do. “The family piece of it really comes first. Because without them, everything we do is kind of meaningless,” says Keith Saarloos, who is both the Saarloos and the Son in the Central California company.

The younger Saarloos, along with his dad Larry, are both the brains and brawn behind their small family business that has been growing grapes since 1999. With multiple generations working side by side, they strive to follow the family creed of Honor + Prepare.

“Honor + Prepare means we live to honor those who have come before us and prepare the way for those yet to come,” says Keith, who sees himself as a temporary steward of the land.

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