Two Days in Wine Country with SAARLOOS AND SONS

Well, let’s be honest—great things are bound to happen when you mix cameras and wine with a burly, wildly entertaining winemaker. Keith Saarloos and his family graciously allowed Moon Tide’s crew to get a peek into their world in the quaint town of Los Olivos. The two-day shoot captured the story behind the family’s creed “Honor + Prepare.” Lots of passion, love and surprisingly, a bit of reluctance play a big role in how Saarloos and Sons Wine Co. was born. Stay tuned for the final film set to launch in June with the debut of Moon Tide’s newest media brand, Golden State—an online magazine celebrating the authentic California lifestyle.

Cash gets a lift from his dad.

Bryce and Jay get a close-up look at the grapevines.

Buddy is always on the lookout.

The family often gathers at the tasting room in the afternoons after school. Cash kept us entertained.

Brielle and Cash do their homework with Dad in front of the family photo wall.

Keith shows us how it’s done.

The Moon Tide crew hits up the photo booth.

Bryce and Jay making friends with the bison. Not so sure the mama liked them standing this close.

Hannah actually raised baby goats in her youth. So, this behavior is nothing new.

Who’s taking a photo of who?

Lauren captures stills of the family on the tree swing.

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