Ryan Choura: How Business and Life Are One and the Same

Ryan Choura is a competitive slalom water-skier, family man, writer and speaker who just so happens to be the CEO of one of LA’s largest event agencies.


More than just a business profile. We want to provide an in-depth look in to the world through the lens of some of the Southbay’s most interesting and successful business owners. We dive a layer deeper to better understand the person behind the brand. How have they become who they are today? We humanize the business by allowing access into their world outside of the office. What makes them tick? What do they do off the clock? Who do they look up to? By better understanding the person, viewers then begin to better understand the story and human side of the business. And that is far more interesting!

Ryan Choura was born to two entrepreneurial parents who both ran their own businesses and experienced the successes and hardships of what it means to own your own business. Subsequently the freedom Ryan had from a very young age gave him a crash course on how to navigate life well beyond his years. He began to understand his strengths and use them to overcome life’s obstacles, which he attributes some of his professional success later. He founded the LA-based creative event agency in 2007 and presently has over 140 employees, a 56,000 sq ft warehouse and builds some of the nations largest events including: Coachella, Stagecoach, the Espy’s and others. But guess what? He also water-skis competitively. He speaks to kids at local high schools. He has a family. And in his words, “I’m a work in progress”.


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