Off the Clock with Moon Tide: August Edition

We work a lot here at Moon Tide but when we’re not in the office we’re out doing some pretty epic things. Check out our August adventures.

#fbf to this past Monday up near San Gorgonio Mountain … not a bad work day.

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Hannah Lee (Brand Publisher)


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Christine Georgiades (Senior Graphic Designer)

😘 from Paris. #bisou

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Darren Elms  (Editorial Director)

Amy Tetherow (Marketing Solutions Manager) The legend, Willie Nelson live at the Shrine!

Erika Carrion (Marketing Solutions Manager) Paddleboard session in San Diego.

Marcie Gutierrez (Marketing Solutions Manager) Decked out in all white for a good cause! Walk With Sally’s White Light Night.

#boxerhenry #boxersofinstagram #instaboxer

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Michelle Villas  (Art Director)

Rachel Gotko  (Marketing Manager)

July 20, 2017. @capnjazzofficial. @theechola. 20 years in the waiting…

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Charles Simmons  (Director of Digital)

Janet de la Cruz (Accounting Assistant) Enjoying a concert in the park!

Linda Grasso (Editor-in-Chief, Ventura Blvd) With Dancing With the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff after interviewing her for the Women’s issue.

Allison Jeackjuntra (Director of Operations) A project that was suppose to be a simple play house for the kids turned into this behemoth play structure. 15 months in the making…it’s almost finished.

Home for the weekend 😍🌲🌄⛰✌🏼

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Kelsey Elliott  (Graphic Designer)

One for the books 💫 #redrocks

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Cherice Tatum  (Director of Marketing & Business Development)

Jared Sayers  (Group Publisher)

Robin Sanders (Publisher, Ventura Blvd) Danielle and I at a Burke Williams event in Hollywood for National Relaxation Day.

Bryce Lowe-White (Director of Film) When your mom wins a day trip to Santa Barbara at a fundraiser… you go. Full whale watching from an airplane, it was insane!

Emily Stewart (Partner & Brand Publisher) Sibling love in Virginia.

Danielle Price (Marketing Manager) Camping in Sequoia National Park sans tent poles!

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