We brewed Moon Tide Session IPA so we’d never go thirsty.

Now on tap at the Scholb Tasting Room and Moon Tide's headquarters.

If you’ve recently attended any of the world-class events that Moon Tide plans and executes, chances are you’ve seen a new addition to the beverage line-up, the Moon Tide Session IPA. This custom-brewed beer was made possible courtesy of our new partnership with Scholb Premium Ales and will be pouring at a Moon Tide event near you, at the Scholb tasting room in Torrance (definitely worth a visit, if you haven’t already) and at the Moon Tide office, which could be dangerous for our collective productivity. Kidding, of course.

To create this special brew, Jared Sayers (Group Publisher) and Charles Simmons (Director of Digital) took time out of their busy schedules to head over to the Scholb tasting room to attend to the chore of sampling multiple existing Scholb beers at every step of the brewing process. They were tasked with formulating a recipe that would please the palettes of not only themselves but also the attendees at Moon Tide events. The goal was to create something lower in ABV (alcohol by volume) that still had a complex flavor profile. They achieved their goal as every good agency folk does. And, just to toot our own horn, you should know it’s become one of the top sellers at the Scholb tasting room. No kidding on this one.

As the beer ages, it keeps getting better and better and we’re tasting a number of other flavors, including hints of guava and grapefruit… but you’ll have to taste it yourself to see what you can discern.

A description of the Moon Tide Session IPA straight from the brewer’s lips:

Moon Tide Session IPA

ABV = 5.4% IBUs = 46

Sweet pineapple aroma from the mix of Citra, Centennial and Mosaic hops are showcased against the wheat malt backbone to produce this hazy session IPA.

If you head over to the Scholb tasting room to enjoy a pint (or several), make sure to tell Jason (the brewer) and Lori (marketing extraordinaire) we sent you.

Scholb Premium Ales
2964 Columbia St.
Torrance, CA 90503

In case you missed it, we threw ourselves a party in celebration of the official tapping at the Scholb tasting room a few weeks ago. Below you’ll find some of the highlights.


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