Meet El Segundo Artist Dave Hall of MotoArt

In a giant Smoky Hollow warehouse, a Palos Verdes native and his business partner transform retired aircraft into museum-worthy, functional, artistic furniture and accessories, while carefully preserving the past.

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Dave Hall has never flown an airplane and doesn’t have his pilot’s license. But spend a few minutes with the cofounder of El Segundo–based company MotoArt, and you’d never know it. For the Palos Verdes High School graduate who launched the company in 2001 with business partner and friend Donovan Fell, life revolves around everything from fuselages and fuel tanks to propellers and wing flaps.

“Everyone asks me if I fly, and I don’t,” says Dave, who along with Donovan initially started creating and conceiving ideas for functional furniture designs crafted from retired commercial and military airplane remnants in his former garage in Palos Verdes. “I always say that there’s something fascinating about aviation. But what little boy doesn’t ‘fly’ around his room with his arms out? Growing up, I always loved making models. My whole room was filled with airplane models.”

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