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New ways to target adds on LinkedIn.

So many new updates, so little time!

After recently launching a new Interest Targeting option for LinkedIn ads, which is based on the content people engage with on the platform, LinkedIn is now broadening its ad targeting toolset even further, with the addition of three new options to help hone in on your specific target audience.

The three new options being launched are ‘lookalike audiences’, ‘audience templates’, and the addition of Microsoft Bing search data to beef up interest targeting.

Lookalike Audiences

Similar to how the process works on other platforms, Lookalike Audiences will enable you to upload an email list from your CRM, for example, or a list of people who have visited your website, then LinkedIn’s system will match those details against its database to come up with a new audience of users who share similar traits.

Audience Templates

Audience Templates, meanwhile, aim to make it easier for people who are less certain about their target market, or have less training data to go on, to reach relevant users on the platform.

Bing Search Data

The final new targeting element being added is the addition of Bing search data, via parent company Microsoft, to compliment Interest Targeting, giving advertisers more data points to go on when looking to find relevant audience segments.

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Charles Simmons

Managing Director, Digital