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The Producers Guild of America, one of Hollywood’s leading guilds, knows that film and TV producers are always on. They approached Moon Tide Media to collaborate with them to rethink, redesign and reinvigorate the revenue behind their media. Together, we re-launched Produced By, enabling the Guild to serve premiere content to producers and other entertainment professionals across media and around the world.


Moon Tide applied a multi-functional approach to Produced By. Knowing that visuals are key to film and television professionals, we redesigned all out-bound media—the magazine, email and social media (MTM was not engaged to redesign the PGA website). With structure being critical to a multi-disciplinary approach, detailed schedules, workflow and operating frameworks were created. We consulted with PGA’s editors on content selection and creation and worked to ensure that the right content was customized for the right medium in order to boost engagement levels across the platform. Finally, we developed a marketing plan and sales team to fully monetize the platform.


The new platform—print, email and social—launched in conjunction with the Guild’s largest annual conference and the results exceeded expectations. Producer engagement is at an all-time high, revenue is up 28% since relaunch and Produced By was nominated for a prestigious Ozzie Award as best platform redesign in 2015.

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