Case Study

When selected as the agency of record for OrangeTwist, we were tasked with consolidating all of the company’s marketing and media efforts under one strategy and roof, replacing a handful of existing, decentralized partners.

Our primary challenges were: to create an omni-channel marketing engine and campaign that established our client as the category leader, to drive an increased volume of qualified leads at the right price; and, to take a data-driven approach that would give our client the knowledge and visibility they needed to continue scaling their business.

One year in, and the results are impressive. OrangeTwist has successfully positioned itself as a category-leading lifestyle brand. ROI on media spend has increased by 56%. Cost Per Acquisition has been reduced by 43%.

Moreover, we’ve migrated the company to a fully transparent, data-driven approach to their marketing, enabling them to best understand and manage their business and give us the tools we need to be always learning and forever improving.

The Client

OrangeTwist is a fast growing network of modern treatment shops for women and men. Created by industry leader Clint Carnell, CEO of the HydraFacial Company, OrangeTwist is on a mission to bring the very latest in non-invasive body, face and skin treatments into the daily lives of consumers everywhere. Found in prime retail locations across Southern California, Seattle and Dallas, OrangeTwist delivers highly personalized experiences that help clients look and feel their absolute best.


Historically locked up in local doctors’ offices and med-spas, much of the marketing from the multi-billion dollar aesthetics industry has long been inconsistent with the friendly voice and high visual quality that customers have come to expect from their favorite retail brands.

The opportunity for OrangeTwist was to create a high quality “lifestyle brand” that spoke authentically to modern consumers and created an entirely new understanding of what medical aesthetics could mean at the retail level.

With smart cross-channel media and fresh campaigns that focused on the consumer (not the doctor, office and clinic), we were able to break through a typically sterile and cold industry with compelling, relatable messaging.

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