Case Study

Passwords are a pain!

Passwords are a pain! Need we say more? Actually, we’ve said a lot more about the new technology from FIDO (Fast Identity Online) that lets users securely log in to websites without relying on passwords. FIDO Alliance is a nonprofit trade organization aligned with many of the world’s largest brands—including Google, Facebook, eBay, and Bank of America—as well as global leaders in internet services, security, finance, communications, and government. The technology is brilliant. The challenge is to convey its advantages to a global trade and consumer audience.

The Platform

A deep trade platform

Moon Tide worked with FIDO to develop a deep trade platform,, as well as a platform for the alliance’s annual conference, Authenticate. This required nimble work on the part of all involved, as COVID forced the conference to shift to virtual delivery.
Moon Tide also developed a consumer-friendly site,, as well as refined iconography, to introduce users to a new world of logins without passwords.

Videos to be shared

Concise animated videos

We also created concise animated explainer videos for both the trade and consumers, as well as a series of short videos to be shared on social platforms. All the while, we provide deft, ongoing site maintenance to keep everything up to date in a changing world.

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