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Hydration of the Fittest

Defiance Fuel first emerged as a science-driven water brand with niche distribution that was making a big difference. With a structured water exhibiting a demonstrable effect on hydration and athletic performance, Defiance Fuel came to Moon Tide with the objective to completely rethink the brand with a brand architecture that would scale to other products including boxed water for their flagship product, a sports drink product line, and additional product lines for future categories. The new brand identity would in turn refresh existing expressions of the brand across the website, digital advertising, social, out-of-home, retail, merchandising and events. Working with our client partners, we developed a brand platform which married the technical aspects of water science to a defiant, bad-ass brand position. The new Defiance Fuel was to be like nothing else in the crowded field. In addition to brand strategy, Moon Tide developed the full range of product packaging and the refreshed website enabled by e-commerce. As we continue to partner, together we’re ensuring that the brand embodies the new Defiance Fuel tagline, “Hydration Of The Fittest”.

Brand Identity

Marrying science with bad-assery, we developed a brand platform, brand identity and tagline, “Hydration of the Fittest.” In delivering robust brand guidelines for Defiance Fuel and its partners, the integrity of the brand can be nurtured and maintained for years to come. Moon Tide continues to support Defiance with strategic and branding consultation as they grow and evolve to meet market demand and launch hydration solutions across new consumer groups and industries.

Packaging & Collateral

“A brand that strives for perfection in hydration needs an elite and innovative approach to packaging and point-of-sale collateral. Moon Tide was tapped to envision a redesign of the flagship product, then extend it through a fresh take on the branding and messaging for all product packaging and collateral across the boxed water product and sports drink line. True to the spirit of this relentless brand, the process was steeped with tireless design refinements and refactoring – from practical considerations from clients, manufacturing and printing partners, and consumer advocates to unwieldy, pandemic-driven constraints – to deliver a connected design system with a high bar for scalability.


Moon Tide embarked on a comprehensive strategic process to inform the architecture, user experience, design, content development, e-commerce enablement, development and testing of Defiance Fuel’s digital destination. The website demonstrates intentional connections to the new branding and packaging, leveraging clever interactions to show off the product lines and brand ambassadors with equity and energy. Moon Tide continues to support Defiance Fuel’s website with ongoing hosting and maintenance.

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